Filoform Running Water Kit (Small: 282592, Large: 282593)

Product overview

Filoform Filoseal Running Water Kit prevents running water getting into a building or enclosure. Often when faced with sealing a duct, this running water is still evident. Filoform Filoseal Running Water Block Kit provides the user with a method of preventing the water from ruining any permanent sealing system whilst installation is taking place. Filoform’s kit provides a method of damming the water flow, controlling it and stopping it and comes in two sizes, Small (282592) and Large Kit (282593).

Filoform Running Water Kit – Key Features

  • Good electrical properties
  • Soft enough to be readily moulded round terminals or intricate contours or pressed into fine cavities.
  • Good adhesion to moulded plastic and other surfaces to resist the dislodging effects of vibration and to prevent moisture creepage along the interface.
  • Does not harden upon exposure to air or sunlight and does not shrink, crack or peel.
  • Readily removed and replaced for maintenance purposes.
  • Does not liberate toxic fumes even if overheated and is harmless to the hands.
  • Highly resistant to water permeation, acids and alkalis in liquid or vapour from under normal conditions.
  • No deleterious effect on metals and plastics or on natural rubber, synthetic rubber, PVC or other cables.

Small Kit (282592)

  • Non-hardening plastic waterproofing sealant.(Damming Putty)
  • 200mm length 15mm pipe
  • 15mm Emergency tap
  • Pipe insert to strengthen pipe when tap is fitted

Large Kit (282593)

  • Non-hardening plastic waterproofing sealant.(Damming Putty) x 2
  • 200mm length 15mm pipe
  • 15mm Emergency tap
  • Pipe insert to strengthen pipe when tap is fitted

Filoform Running Water Kit – Application

  • Remove the damming putty from the box, warm in the hands.
  • Meanwhile fit the tube, tap and pipe insert together, tap in open position.
  • Press the damming putty in the bottom of the duct to create a dam blocking the running water. This must be far enough down the duct to allow Filoseal+ to be fitted in front of it (80mm approx).
  • Press the pipe assembly into the damming putty ensuring the tap is clear of the duct front end and the back of the pipe is clear of the damming putty
  • Press more putty over the pipe onto the original damming putty.  This completes the water block
  • Ensure the duct in front of the dam is clean and dry
  • Fit the Filoseal+ in the normal manner in front of the water block dam
  • After the Filoseal+ has cured, (after approx. 8 days) turn the tap off.

For Additional Information on Filoform Running Water Kit (Small: 282592, Large: 282593), please refer to the Technical Data Table below or download PDF File.

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Technical Data

Property Value Standard
Dielectric Strength kV / mm 13,5
Dielectric constant (K) 6.5
Volume Resistivity at 20ºC Ohm.m 8 x 1011
Temperature range ºC -20  to +80
Working voltage (maximum) kV 1
Specific gravity at 15.5ºC 1.70
Flashpoint ºC +210

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