Furukawa AQUA Square Adaptor / Connector

Product overview

Furukawa AQUA Square Adaptor

Furukawa AQUA Square Adaptor is a jointing mechanism used in intervals to connect the cut ends of EFLEX Square Duct, when adjusting length. When EFLEX Square ducts meet at the centre point of any given section, the length can be adjusted and the AQUA Square accessory can used to complete the installation.

Features a non-woven, water-expanding cloth to maintain the watertight integrity of the cable route. Includes single action locking clips and requires no tools to connect – easy to join by hand using little force. Creates a watertight connection between two cut pieces of EFLEX Square. It is possible to change length of EFLEX Square again and again till inserting locking clips. It is applied to IP67(IEC-60529).

Part Numbers: KFSA-50, KFSA-75, KFSA-100, KFSA-130, KFSA-150

Eflex Square - A Furukawa Electric Product

Connection Procedure

  1. Determine the cutting locations, while allowing some overhang.
  2. Cut along the built-in cutting guides.
  3. Insert the cut ends of EFLEX Square into the AQUA Square. Insert the single-acttion locking clips, checking that the connection is secure by pulling in the opposite direction by hand.
Furukawa AQUA Adaptor Procedure 2

System & Accessories

Furukawa EFLEX Square Duct - System & Accesories

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Technical Data

AQUA Square Part Numbers Total Length (L1) Body Outer
Diameter (H)
Ring Length (L2) Ring Width (W) Total Weight 
Size 50 KFSA-50 165±4 mm 85±3 mm 13.5±1 mm 85±3 mm 0.16 kg
Size 75 KFSA-75 198±5 mm 113±4 mm 18±1 mm 113±4 mm 0.29 kg
Size 100 KFSA-100 198±5 mm 138±4 mm 18±1 mm 138±4 mm 0.31 kg
Size 130 KFSA-130 285±6 mm 176±5 mm 20±1.5 mm 176±5 mm 0.37 kg
Size 150 KFSA-150 285±6 mm 198±5 mm 20±1.5 mm 198±5 mm 0.40 kg
AQUA Square Dimensions

Product Video

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