Furukawa Converter to EFLEX Coil (Round)

Product overview

Furukawa Converter to EFLEX Round (Coil)

Furukawa Converter to EFLEX Round (Coil) is an adaptor suitable for connecting male end to dissimilar tubes or joining other types of pipe conduits. Allows connection to a wide range of accessories including the AQUA Connector. Used together with Flame Retardant EFLEX parts.

Converting EFLEX Square to EFLEX Round (Coil) enables its use with a wider range of Furukawa accessories. At the same time it assists with connections to other types of pipes/ conduits, such as steel or PVC. This converter is required when using the AQUA Connector with EFLEX Square.

Part Numbers: KD-50-FP, KD-80-FP, KD-100-FP, KD-130-FP, KD-150-FP

Eflex Square - A Furukawa Electric Product

Connection Procedure

  1. Apply lubrication to the rubber seal on the male connector of EFLEX Square and the inside of the female connector on the Converter to EFLEX Round.
  2. Ensure the connectors are free from dirt and debris and insert the male connector of EFLEX Square into the female connector of the Converter to EFLEX Round.
  3. Furukawa offers a wide range of adaptors. Please contact us for advice on which Furukawa adaptor to use when connecting EFLEX to other types of pipes/ conduits.

System & Accessories

Furukawa EFLEX Square Duct - System & Accesories

For more information on the Converter to EFLEX Round (Coil), please advise PDF Files below., 277670

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Technical Data

Converter to EFLEX Round Part Numbers Diameter 1 (φD1) Diameter 2 (φD2) Length (L) Total Weight 
Size 50 KD-50-FP 73±3.5 mm 65±3.5 mm 220±5 mm 0.10 kg
Size 75 KD-75-FP 99.5±5 mm 103±5 mm 220±7 mm 0.15 kg
Size 100 KD-100-FP 125±5 mm 131±5 mm 220±7 mm 0.20 kg
Size 130 KD-130-FP 162±5 mm 160±5 mm 340±7 mm 0.47 kg
Size 150 KD-150-FP 184±5 mm 189±5 mm 340±7 mm 0.52 kg

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