Furukawa AQUA Connector (AQUA-Nut and AQUA-Mouth)

Product overview

Furukawa AQUA Connector


Furukawa AQUA Connector (AQUA-Nut and AQUA-Mouth) is used to provide a watertight interface for connecting EFLEX Square or EFLEX Round to plastic or concrete chambers/ catchpits. The connector requires no tools (can be installed in less than 1 minute) and features a non-woven, water-expansion cloth. Installed in less than 1 minute and fits any wall thickness.

Please note that EFLEX Square must be converted to EFLEX Round before using the Connector.

Part Numbers: FOKC-50, FOKC-80, FOKC-100, FOKC-130, FOKC-150

Eflex Square - A Furukawa Electric Product

Connection Procedure

1. Cut a hole in the chamber/ catchpit according to the table below.

Connector Part No Min-Max
Hole Diameter
Size of Hole
FOKC-30 42-50mm 45mm
FOKC-40 58-65mm 60mm
FOKC-50 68-75mm 70mm
FOKC-65 89-96mm 90mm
FOKC-80 106-112mm 110mm
FOKC-100 135-141mm 135mm


2. Screw the AQUA-Nut onto EFLEX Round (or Converter to EFLEX Round).
3. Insert EFLEX into the chamber/ cathchpit wall.
4. From inside the chamber/ cathchpit, screw the AQUA-Mouth into EFLEX Round.
5. Hand-tighten the AQUA-Nut to the outside of the chamber/ cathchpit wall.
6. Please follow the ‘t’ reference value in the below table when hand-tightening the AQUA Connector:

Connector Part No Reference value ‘t’
FOKC-30 Approx. 6mm
FOKC-40,-50,-65,-80 Approx. 7mm
FOKC-100 Approx. 8mm

System & Accessories

Furukawa EFLEX Square Duct - System & Accesories

For more information on Furukawa AQUA Connector, please advise PDF Files below., 277670

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Technical Data

AQUA Connector Part Numbers AQUA Nut
Outer Diameter 
Total Length
AQUA Mouth
AQUA Mouth
AQUA Mouth
Total Length
Total Weight 
Size 50 FOKC-50 98±3 mm 40±3 mm 98±3 mm 44±3 mm 50±3 mm 0.15 kg
Size 75 FOKC-75 138±3 mm 60±3 mm 138±3 mm 73±3 mm 74±3 mm 0.32 kg
Size 100 FOKC-100 182±3 mm 73±3 mm 182±3 mm 92.5±3 mm 8138±3 mm 0.56 kg
Size 130 FOKC-130 213±5 mm  90±5 mm  213±5 mm  108.5±5 mm 110±5 mm 1.0 kg
Size 150 FOKC-150 241±5 mm  105±5 mm  241±5 mm  136±5 mm 129±5 mm 1.2 kg


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