Furukawa Long Bell Mouth

Product overview

Furukawa Long Bell Mouth

Furukawa Long Bell Mouth is used for connecting EFLEX Square to chambers/ catchpits. Available in 3 lengths depending on wall thickness. Built-in female connectors.

Part Numbers: KFM-50-120L, KFM-50-200L, KFM-50-300L, KFM-75-120L, KFM-75-200L, KFM-75-300L, KFM-100-120L, KFM-100-200L, KFM-100-300L, KFM-130-150L, KFM-130-200L, KFM-130-300L, KFM-150-150L, KFM-150-200L, KFM-150-300L

Eflex Square - A Furukawa Electric Product

Connection Procedure

1A. Prepare holes in the concrete chamber according to the spacing guidelines.
(Advice PDF File: Furukawa Long Bell Mouth Installation Procedure)
1B. Alternatively, create a single opening in the chamber to house the entire EFLEX Square sack.
(Advice PDF File: Furukawa Long Bell Mouth Installation Procedure)
2. Cover the single opening on the inside of the chamber with a plate (or similar) and hold it in place with a wooden block/ spacer (or similar), while work is carried out.
3. Connect the Long Bell Mouth to EFLEX Square:

  • Long Bell Mouth InstallationRemove the temporary cap from the male connector of EFLEX Square.
  • Apply lubrication to the rubber seal on the male connector and the inside of the female connector of the Long Bell Mouths.
  • Ensure the connectors are free from dirt and debris and insert the male connector into the Long Bell Mouth in a straight line.
  • Check that the connection is secure by pulling in the opposite direction by hand.

4. Remove the paper backing from the tape seal on the Mouth and place in position.
5. Position remaining Mouth/ EFLEX Square units ensuring the of the Mouth is touching the plate on the inside of the chamber.
6. Assemble a form and pour in concrete. Allow to set before disassembling.

System & Accessories

Furukawa EFLEX Square Duct - System & Accesories

For more information on the Furukawa Long Bell Mouth, please advise PDF Files below., 277670

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Technical Data

Long Bell Mouth Part Numbers Outer Diameter (φD1) Length (L1) Inner Diameter (φd1) Bell Outer Diameter (φD2) Total Weight 
Size 50
KFM-50-120L 73±3.5 mm 190±5 mm 53±3.5 mm 68±3.5 mm 0.08 kg
Size 50 KFM-50-200L 73±3.5 mm 270±5 mm 53±3.5 mm 68±3.5 mm 0.10 kg
Size 50 KFM-50-300L 73±3.5 mm 370±5 mm 53±3.5 mm 68±3.5 mm 0.14 kg
Size 75
KFM-75-120L 99.5±5 mm 190±7 mm 77±3.5 mm 93±5 mm 0.12 kg
Size 75 KFM-75-200L 99.5±5 mm 270±7 mm 77±3.5 mm 93±5 mm 0.16 kg
Size 75 KFM-75-300L 99.5±5 mm 370±7 mm 77±3.5 mm 93±5 mm 0.21 kg
Size 100
KFM-100-120L 125±5 mm 190±7 mm 103±3.5 mm 118±5 mm 0.18 kg
Size 100 KFM-100-200L 125±5 mm 270±7 mm 103±3.5 mm 118±5 mm 0.25 kg
Size 100 KFM-100-300L 125±5 mm 370±7 mm 103±3.5 mm 118±5 mm 0.35 kg
Size 130
KFM-130-150L 162±5 mm 250±7 mm 133±4 mm 155±5 mm 0.27 kg
Size 130 KFM-130-200L 162±5 mm 290±7 mm 133±4 mm 155±5 mm 0.29 kg
Size 130 KFM-130-300L 162±5 mm 400±7 mm 133±4 mm 155±5 mm 0.42 kg
Size 150
KFM-150-150L 184±5 mm 250±7 mm 155±4 mm 173±5 mm 0.32 kg
Size 150 KFM-150-200L 184±5 mm 290±7 mm 155±4 mm 173±5 mm 0.33 kg
Size 150 KFM-150-300L 184±5 mm 400±7 mm 155±4 mm 173±5 mm 0.49 kg
Long Bell Mouth Dimensions

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