Matsuo Leaded Tantalum Capacitor 204

Product overview

Matsuo Leaded Tantalum Capacitor 204 is a series of highly reliable epoxy resin coating tantalum solid electrolytic capacitors.



  • High reliability and small size.
  • Usable at operating temperature range -55 ~ +125°C.
  • Packaging(Reel and Ammo) is available for automatic insertion (up to case code 8).
  • Available for capacitance tolerance code “J”(±5%).
  • Available for Lead-free and RoHS Compliant.



Type 204
Category Temperature Range -55~+125℃
Rated Temperature +85℃
Rated Voltage 3.15~50VDC
Capacitance 0.1µF~470µF
Capacitance tolerance ±20% (M)/±10% (K)
Failure Rated Level M series 1%/1000h (Code M)
N series 0.5%/1000h (Code N)


*Technical Data subject to change without notice.

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