Nexans Euromold 750S1 Equipment Bushing

Product overview

Nexans Euromold 750S1 Equipment Bushing

Nexans Euromold 750S1, 775S1, 775T1 DesignNexans Euromold 750S1 Equipment Bushing for use in equipment insulated with oil fluid, typically for transformers, switchgear, capacitors that are specified to terminate and connect medium/high voltage cables in the following voltage classes:

  • 6/10 (12kV)
  • 6.35/11 (12kV)
  • 8.7/15 (17.5kV)
  • 12/20 (24kV)
  • 12.7/22 (24kV)
  • 18/30 (36kV)

Technical Characteristics

  • Each bushing is tested for AC withstand and partial discharge prior to leaving the factory.
  • The  equipment bushing is a moulded epoxy insulated part in accordance with ANSI/ IEEE 386 std (5/8″ threading system).
  • The bolted type equipment bushings 750S1, 775S1 and 775T1 meet the requirements of IEC 60137.

Specification & Design

To order the equipment bushing, specify the type:

Euromold Equipment
Bushing Type
A x B (mm)
750S1 36 kV 800 Amps 75 x 235


Nexans Euromold Fixings for Bushings

Nexans Euromold 750S1, 775S1, 775T1 Fixings

For additional General and Technical Information on Nexans Euromold 750S1 Equipment Bushings, download PDF File or check the Design Image above.

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