Prysmian BICON Copper C-Crimp Connectors - C-Sleeves (6-240mm)

Product overview

Prysmian BICON Copper C-Crimp Connectors – C-Sleeves (6-240mm) are made from high conductivity copper and offer a versatile means of tapping onto annealed stranded or flexible copper conductors including copper busbar and earthing systems.

  • The C-Crimp is manufactured from heavy wall copper extrusion and provides excellent continuity and reliability.
  • Designed to accept a range of conductors the C-Sleeve is applied over the uncut main. It is easy to install and uses standard tooling.
  • Prysmian BICON Copper C-Crimp Sleeves are also used on overhead line electricity distribution systems. The copper conductors on these systems are hard drawn and have different ratings to annealed connectors.

General Information

The Range of BICON Copper Tube Terminals for either stranded or flexible annealed conductors. Each terminal includes a sight hole for visual inspection of the conductor inserted. The BICON Copper Tube Terminals can be installed with indent or hexagonal compressions systems up to 400mm² on stranded conductor. Above 400mm² or on flexible conductor indent compression is required. Each die set imprints the size of stranded conductor onto the connector to show that the correct tooling has been applied.

The indent method has been in use for many years and can be used on both flexible and stranded cables for underground joints and industrial applications. It consists of tooling, containing a nest and indentor die, which when compressed form the conductor strands into an almost solid mass that fuses with the wall of the terminal.

In recent years, there has been a growing demand for the hexagonal crimping system, based chiefly upon its simple design and the neat form of the finished crimp. The hexagonal method consists of tooling, containing two identical die halves, which compress the conductor strands with equal force from both sides, resulting in a six-sided profile.

A wide selection of single stud holes is provided in addition to specific two and four hole palm configurations. The range also includes terminals with blank palms for sizes 150mm² and above. Pin connections cover conductor sizes 10mm² – 35mm² and are installed with the same tooling as the equivalent terminal. The pins are square form with serrations to prevent sliding and twisting in the tunnel connection.

Download PDF file for additional Connector Details and Technical Data on Prysmian BICON Copper C-Crimp C-Sleeve Connectors.

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