Prysmian BICON Elaspeed Heatshrink Cable Joints (Medium Voltage) (EJ-3XA-A-12, EJ-3XA-B-12)

Product overview

Prysmian BICON EJ-3XA Elaspeed Heatshrink Cable Joints (MV)

Prysmian BICON Elaspeed Heatshrink Cable Joints are three core steel wire armoured cables EJ-3XA series (EJ-3XA-A-12, EJ-3XA-B-12), using resin encapsulation for added mechanical strength & moisture protection. The range of ELASPEED™ cold applied joints has a wide range of applications including both single and three core polymeric and paper cables.
Part Numbers: EJ-3XA-A-12, EJ-3XA-B-12

The cold-applied technology’s development ensures that the accessories aren’t the weak link in your system. The Elaspeed Heatshrink Cable Joint is manufactured in the same way as cable. It starts its life as an extruded dielectric cable, manufactured to the highest standards in the cable industry. The Elaspeed Heatshrink Cable Joint core, constructed from ethylene propylene rubber (EPR) insulation, is manufactured in a vertical extruder to ensure complete concentricity to the tightest tolerance possible. Tests take place then to ensure long and trouble free operation under a wide variety of applications. The Elaspeed Heatshrink Cable Joint has the highest physical and dielectric properties and it utilises the Eprotenax™ insulation system.

Features & Benefits

Cold Applied Technology – Elaspeed joints utilise cold applied technology over the connector position – widely recognised as the leading edge technology for cable accessories. Cold application ensures concentric joint recovery, even in tight installation spaces. Elaspeed™ joints recover to give consistent insulation wall thickness and provide constant radial pressure.

Self Eject Carrier – The Elaspeed joint bodies utilise the new two-part self eject carrier. This construction eliminates the possibility of locking or breaking of the spiral carrier around the connector during unwinding. It also allows the centralisation of the body and removes the need to grease the cable core thus reducing the risk of contamination. Jointing of three core cables is also easier because it removes the need to unwind the spiral between the cores.

Reliability and Repeatability – Elaspeed joints are reliable because they always shrink uniformly. No matter how many joints must be installed the last joint will be as reliable as the first.

Resin Encapsulation – Low Density two part resin’s use is to provide added mechanical strength and water protection.

Prysmian BICON Cable Joints

For many years, BICON has been in the forefront of jointing technology. From designs using bituminous filling compounds, to the development of the highly successful BICAST acrylic resin jointing system.

Most recently, we have supplemented these ranges with heat shrink and pre-moulded products (BIMOLD). We can now offer a unique package to satisfy all requirements.

All four systems are available at voltages up to or above 33 kV. Depending on application, each may offer benefits over the others.

For instance, termination of high voltage polymeric cables requiring the facility to disconnect or add in additional cables at a later stage, means that BIMOLD is the logical choice. Likewise, BICAST provides a fast, comprehensive jointing method with a versatile range covering low and high voltage and all cable types.

Download PDF file for Features and Benefits, ApplicationsTypical Assembly Procedures, Packing and Standards for Prysmian BICON EJ-3XA Elaspeed Heatshrink Cable Joints (MV) (EJ-3XA-A-12, EJ-3XA-B-12).

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Technical Data


Max System Voltage (Um)
Conductor Size Part Number
12 kV 95-185 mm2 EJ-3XA-A-12
12 kV 185-300 mm2 EJ-3XA-B-12
*24 kV 50-95 mm2 EJ-3XA-A-12
*24 kV 95-240 mm2 EJ-3XA-B-12


*: Additional centralising sleeves are required for 24kV cables.

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