TTS Rail Green Trough Accessories (End Plates, Jointing Plates/ Reducer, Junction Box, Elevated Bridge)

Product overview

TTS Green Trough – Accessories

Trough-Tec Downward gradient G90, G135, 150B, 200B, 300B, 430C

Trough-Tec Systems (TTS) Green Trough Accessories includes a range of parts that can be used for jointing different sizes of troughs, branching the trough route, supporting or elevating troughs or sealing their ends. TTS Accessories: End Plate, Jointing Plate/ Reducer, Junction Box, Elevated Bridge

Green Trough is the world’s most versatile cable trough system that offers an innovative, environmentally friendly and state-of-the-art solution to cable route management. A genuine concrete replacement and a market leading range of cable troughs and accessories, to reduce installation time and associated costs. Powered by Furukawa Electric Group and Trough-Tec Systems.

Green Trough - A Furukawa Electric Product

Applications – Sectors

Green Trough is approved for numerous applications worldwide. Its extensive product range together with its excellent mechanical properties make it ideal for a wide range of installations and cable types, including Construction Projects, Highways, Rail/ Traction, Renewable Energy, Power Plants, Stadiums, Airports, Data Centres and more.

Green Trough Tunnel Cable Trough Rail Trough-Tec G90

Green Trough Accessories

TTS Green Trough - End Plate

End Plate

TTS End Plate used for sealing the end of troughs. Available for all cable troughing sizes for capping off route ends.

TTS Green Trough - Joint Plate Reducer

Jointing Plate/ Reducer

TTS Jointing Plate/ Reducer used for jointing different sizes of troughs.

TTS Green Trough - Junction Box

Junction Box

TTS Junction Box used to branch the cable trough route.

TTS Green Trough - Elevated Bridge

Elevated Bridge

TTS Elevated Bridge includes Support Struts and Bridge used to elevate cable trough to higher or lower levels.

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