Trailer & Winch Solutions (TWS) Link Pins (LP1 & LP2)

Product overview

TWS Link Pins (LP1 & LP2)

Trailer & Winch Solutions (TWS) Link Pins (LP1 & LP2) are suitable for all rollers in the BR corner roller range, as they have the same link points to facilitate various bend/roller configurations. The link pin not only links the rollers, it also stakes the roller to the ground and assists in holding the rollers in place.


  • 16mm solid steel pin
  • Pressed at 90 degrees at one end & pointed at the other end
  • Painted finish
  • Weight: 0,75Kg
  • LP1 Size: 16mm diameter x 60cm long (including bend)
  • LP2 Size: 16cm diameter x 100cm long (including bend)

Trailer & Winch Solutions

Specialising in Cable Management & Cable Laying Products, Trailer & Winch Solutions offer an ever expanding product portfolio including:

  • Cable Drum Trailers,
  • Pulling Winches,
  • Cable Rollers,
  • Drum Handling Equipment,
  • Cable Pulling Grips and Rotational Swivel Links,
  • Duct Equipment and more.

*TWS are proactive in product development and enhancement and thus, specifications are subject to alteration without prior notice.

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Technical Data

LP1 16 mm x 50 cm 0,75 kg
LP2 16 mm x 100 cm 0,75 kg

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