Special Offer: Elpress PVX611 Battery-Powered Crimp Tool

Special Offer: Elpress PVX611 Battery-Powered Crimp Tool

PVX611 Elpress Crimp Tool Highlights

Special Offer with reduced price for Elpress PVX611 Battery-Powered Crimp Tool and a discount on TB-dies from our KRF/KSF range. PVX611 is the latest tool of the Elpress V600 Crimping System, created with a new ergonomic design that offers you, the user, enhanced performance. It is 100% reverse compatible and designed for highest mobility and accessibility within machines and transformers. Another great feature of the pistol is a display that gives you valuable information about your tool (e.g. number of performed crimps, battery status, service intervals, etc). The PVX611 crimp pistol is supplied with a 2-year guarantee.

Elpress PVX611 – Datasheet      Campaign Information

Special Offer: Elpress PVX611 Battery-Powered Crimp Tool

Crimping Data & Dimensions

Crimping Force: 55kN (6 ton)
Crimps per Charge: 150-250 depending on size and temperature
Crimp Time: 3-5 s
Temperature: -20 to +40 °C
Gross Weight: 5.5 kg (incuding battery)
Dimensions: 414 x 116 x 75 mm


Additional Features & Benefits

  • Ergonomic design optimizes the balance of the tool in the users hand
  • Crimp pressure control by electronic pressure monitoring
  • Single handed grip for easy operation
  • “Quick boost” for more efficient pressing
  • Adjustable crimping operation start with optional one or two ‘click’ trigger for safer handling of the tool
  • Press fork opened by rotary action
  • Protection against dirt & dust ingress through tool chassis
  • LED lighting for easier work

Elpress PVX611 Battery-Powered Crimp Tool incorporates a display screen that gives you valuable information about your tool:

  • Elpress PVX611 Crimping DiesTool Status and Service interval
  • Pressure monitoring information when crimping at correct pressure
  • Warning light (LED) and sound when full pressure is not achieved
  • Number of performed crimps
  • LED indication of charge status
  • Information on when the next Service is due


Elpress PVX611 Crimping Dies

The Tool has been tested and approved for use together with Elpress TB-dies and KB-dies. Additionally, to meet the demand for a more lightweight tool to crimp winding conductors, Elpress have developed L-range* Dies for this tool

*letter L in Elpress naming convention indicates that it is designed to crimp winding conductors, in addition to Class 2 and Class 5 cables as per the IEC60228 standard.

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