AN Wallis Threaded Couplings (ERBO 12, ERBO 16, ERBO 20, ERBO 25, ERBO 16S)

Product overview

AN Wallis Threaded Couplings are high-strength Earth Rod Couplers, used for joining copperbond threaded earth rods together. Manufactured from a high copper content alloy ensuring excellent corrosion resistance. Used in conjunction with Copperbond Earth Rods.
AN Wallis Part Nos: ERBO 12, ERBO 16, ERBO 20, ERBO 25, ERBO 16S.

They facilitate deep driving and ensure continual contact between the earth rods both during and after installation. They also protect the earth rods threads during installation with the threaded driving head.

Additionally, there is a lead-in for ease of assembly and the unique hexagonal design allows for greater grip and keeping the coupling tight when driving into the ground.

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AN Wallis Threaded Couplings – Technical Data

Material: Steel

Tested: BS EN 62561-2

Tightening Torque: 40Nm

AN Wallis Complete Product Range


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Technical Data

Part Number Type L D Unit Weight Pack Qty
ERBD 12 1/2″ 68 mm 18 mm 0,07 kg 25
ERBD 16 5/8″ 68 mm 20 mm 0,12 kg 25
ERBD 20 3/4″ 78 mm 25 mm 0,17 kg 25
ERBD 25 1″ 100 mm 31 mm 0,25 kg 25
ERBD 16S 5/8″ 80 mm 21 mm 0,08 kg 25




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