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Elpress AKS AlCu Bimetallic Through Connectors (300-400mm²) (AKS300B-240A, AKS400B-240A)

Product overview

Elpress AKS AlCu Bimetallic Through Connectors (300-400mm²) are mainly used to connect stranded/ solid Al conductors to stranded/ flexible Cu conductors. Part Numbers: AKS300B-240A, AKS400B-240A

AKS400B-240A: corresponding Siemens Wind Power (SWP) part number is A9B10021821.


General Information

Elpress Al Terminals and Connectors are made from pure aluminium 99.7%. We manufacture Al Terminals AK, Al Through Connectors AS with partition, Al Through Connectors AS with partition and for different areas and Al Through Connectors AS without partition. The standard size is 16 to 1200mm² but a variety of customer specified types also exist.

Elpress AlCu Terminals and Connectors for Al cable are made from solid materials with friction welding. This method joins aluminium and copper material, when the aluminium part is rotated against the copper part under pressure and is the method providing the best connection between Al and Cu. We manufacture AlCu Bimetallic Terminals AKKAlCu Pin Bimetallic Terminals AKPTransition Connectors AKS for Al Conductors to Cu solid ConductorsAlCu Bimetal Through Connectors AKS and AlCu Bimetallic Through Connectors AKS.

Elpress marking system for marking of Al and AlCu Terminals and Connectors shows the stranded and solid metric conductor size and reference to the id-numbers of the appropriate Elpress pre-rounding and crimp tools. Do not use other crimp tools! The T2-mark is a reference to an earlier Finnish standard. On bimetallic connectors there is also a tool id-reference to the hexagonal die to be used for the Cu-crimp.

In cases where other hole patterns, palm sizes, assembly angles, etc. are needed, a broad variety of customer specified items may be produced. Some examples are indicated here: AKK500A/2-16-12×4-35 resp. AK185-14×2-40.

For more information on Elpress AKS AlCu Bimetallic Through Connectors (AKS300B-240A, AKS400B-240A), consult PDF File or Technical Data Table  below.

*Technical Data subject to change without notice.


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Technical Data

  • Connect Al conductors to Cu conductors.
  • Stranded/ Solid Al conductors, stranded/ flexible Cu conductor
  • Two adjacent crimps are necessary - For crimp sequence see picture below table.
  • When crimping Al part, use special matrix 13P37M and special punch 13P37D, no matrix holder necessary.
  • When crimping Cu part, use special dies 13B30, no die holder necessary.
  • When crimping the Cu part, place the dies between the circular groove on the Cu barrel and the edge.
Cat. No., mm2, Al-Cu mm d D d1 L Rec. Tool
AKS300B-240A 22,3 37 29 111 V1300
AKS400B-240A 25 37 29 111 V1300

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    Technical Information

    • Crimp sequence.