Elpress AKS Transition Connectors for Al to solid Cu Conductors (16-95mm² to 10mm²) AKS25-10S, AKS50-10S

Product overview

Elpress AKS Transition Joints of Al to Solid Cu Conductors

Elpress AKS Through Connectors of Al (16-95mm²) to Solid Cu Conductors (10mm²) are transition joints used for connecting Stranded Aluminium Conductors to Solid Copper Conductors. Two crimps are needed for both Al (crimp sequence see image below).
Part Numbers: AKS16-10S, AKS25-10S, AKS35-10S, AKS50-10S, AKS70-10S, AKS95-10S.

General Information

System Elpress consists of Terminals and Tools designed and tested together to give a certified crimping result. This ensures that users will feel confident when using our systems, and the achievement of a secure connection through the proper handling of our products. By using Elpress Cu-Connection elements together with one of Elpress Crimp Systems one obtains a connection tested according to the requirements of IEC 61238:1.

Elpress Terminals and Lugs for Al cable made of solid and pure aluminium 99.7%. We manufacture Al Terminals of type AK and AS, but also customised terminals or terminals larger than 1200mm2.

Elpress Bimetallic Terminals (AlCu) manufactured from solid materials, friction-welded together, joining Aluminium with Copper. To achieve that, the Al part rotates against the Cu part under pressure. This method provides the best connection between Al and Cu.

Crimping & Marking

Elpress Crimp Sequence Aluminium

The Elpress system is suitable for both Stranded (acc. to IEC 60228 Class 2) and Solid Conductors (acc. to IEC 60228 Class 1). However, note that there is an area difference between stranded and solid Al Conductors (see tables). When using sectoral Al-cable, a pre-rounding is normally necessary, done with a round crimping tool. When contact crimping Al Terminals, always make two crimps. Note the crimp sequence.

Elpress  system for marking Al and AlCu Terminals shows the conductor area and reference to rounded and contact crimping tools, within the Elpress range. A tool reference for hexagonal crimping copper is give on the bimetallic through connectors.

For more information on Elpress AKS Through Connectors (Transition Joints) of Al to Solid Cu Conductors (AKS25-10S, AKS50-10S), consult PDF File or Technical Data Table  below.

*Technical Data subject to change without notice. AKS25-10S, AKS50-10S

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Technical Data

  • Transition joints from stranded Al conductors to solid Cu conductors 10 mm² / 8 AWG (e.g. Excel, Excelett).
  • Two crimps are needed for both Al (for crimp sequence see image below) and Cu.
Cat. No. Area mm² Cu
Solid Al
Area mm²
Solid Al
Stranded Al
Area mm²
Stranded Al
d d1 D D1 L s Pcs/ Pack Rec. Tool
AKS16-10S 10 8 25 4 16 6 5,9 4,5 13 7 64,5 29 48 V600, V1300, V250
AKS25-10S 10 8 35 2 25 4 6,8 4,5 13 7 64,5 29 48 V600, V1300, V250
AKS35-10S 10 8 50 1/0 35 2 8,5 4,5 20 7 86 45 48 V1300, V250
AKS50-10S 10 8 70 2/0 50 1/0 9,6 4,5 20 7 86 45 24 V1300, V250
AKS70-10S 10 8 95 4/0 70 2/0 11,3 4,5 20 7 86 45 24 V1300, V250
AKS95-10S 10 8 120 250 95 4/0 12,5 4,5 25 7 101 60 24 V1300, V250

s= strip length (Al), s1= strip length (Cu)

Technical Information

  • Crimp sequence.
Elpress Crimp Sequence Aluminium

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