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Elpress DV1300 Crimping Head (Cu 10-300mm²)

Product overview

Elpress DV1300 Crimping Head is a crimping tool for flexible Cu Conductors in KRF/ KSF Connectors for demanding applications (Range 10-300mm²). Crimp Tool DV1300 Head is used with Foot Pump P4000 or Battery/ Mains Powered Pump PS710.



  • Patented crimp technique
  • For crimping of lexible Cu Terminals according to IEC60228, type class 5
  • Crimps Terminals type KRF and Through Connectors type KSF
  • For extra tough environments like cars and trains, where the connections beside normal electrical properties also must meet demands related to corrosion, mechanical strength and vibration
  • Elpress DV1300 Crimping Head meets the requirements in IEC/ EN 61238:1
  • Meet the requirements of corrosion according to DIN V 40046, part 37
  • Meet the requirements for vibration according to EN 50 155
  • Meet the requirements of mechanical strength according to SEN 24 50 10

Crimp Sequence: The crimp starts with an oprimized hexagonal Crimp and then makes a small indent in the same crimp cycle to further improve gas tightness as well as electrical and mechanical properties.

DUAL technology should be used in particularly severe conditions, such as in trucks, wind power plants and trains, where apart from their electrical properties, the joints are also exposed to corrosion, mechanical resistance and vibrations. Contact crimping takes place in a two-stage movement, first a hexagonal crimping that provides optimal symmetrical contact with the conductor, which means that no wires are broken or come apart in the edge facing the terminal. This is followed by an additional indent crimp, which provides 30% better electrical properties.



  • Patented crimp technique/ sequence
  • DUAL Dies are available for 10-300mm²
  • Crimp Terminals type KRF and Through Connectors type KSF
  • Conventional accessories as shown for V1300 can be used (without DUAL-function)
  • DV1300 can also be used with regular crimp dies for the 1300-system
  • No Die Holders are necessary when using DUAL Dies
  • Weight 3.4 kg
  • Dimensions ∅ 74 x 265 mm


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    • Image 1: Elpress DUAL Crimp Press