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Elpress V1470 Crimping Head (Cu 500-1000mm², Al 800-1200mm², C-sleeves 185-300mm²)

Product overview

Elpress V1470 Crimping Head for Cu Terminals and Connectors (Range 500-1000mm²), Al Terminals and Connectors (Range 800-1200mm²) and C-sleeves (185-300mm²) is a crimp head used together with Foot Pump P4000 or Battery/ Mains Powered Electro-hydraulic Pump PS710.



  • Equipped with oil spray safety protection cap
  • Working pressure 63 MPa (630 bar)
  • Crimp force 400 Kn
  • Elpress V1470 Crimping Head is supplied in a solid plywood box
  • Weight 21.5 kg (incl. box 28.5 kg)
  • Length 510 mm, Width 235 mm


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