Elpress V600 Crimping Head (Cu 10-240mm², C-sleeves 6-50mm²)

Product overview

Elpress V600 Crimping Head (Cu 10-240mm², Al 16-35mm², C-sleeves 6-50mm²) is a tested and certified Crimp Head for Cu Terminals type KR/KS 10mm², KRF/KSF 16-150mm², KRD/KSD 16-185mm², KRT/KST 10-240mm², Al terminals 16-25mm² (-35 solid), C-sleeves 6/6-50/50 mm², DIN 46235 10-95mm². Used in conjunction with Elpress Hydraulic Foot Pump P4000 or Battery and Mains Powered Pump PS710.
EAN code: 7393487037342

Elpress V600 Features

  • Working Pressure: 63MPa (630 bar)
  • Crimp Force: 55 kN
  • Same crimp dies as V611 and PVX611
  • Delivered in sturdy fabric bag with room for 10 dies
  • Net Weight: 2.45 kg
  • Dimensions: 189 x 74 x 53 mm

General Information

System Elpress consists of Terminals and Tools that are designed and tested together to give a certified crimping result. This ensures that users will feel confident when using our systems, and that a secure connection is achieved through the proper handling of our products. 7393487042797

Elpress hydraulic crimp systems fit Elpress terminals and connectors from 10 to 1200 mm². The systems consist of pumps and crimp heads that can be freely combined or with complete hand-held tools, where these functions are intergrated. Wide range of accessories available for crimping, prerounding of sectorised conductors, cable cutting, etc. Together with the matching terminals the complete crimping system is formed. Both pumps and hand tools, with a few exceptions, have a quick feed function. This means that crimping can begin after a few pump strokes and after the dies have been brought in contact with the terminal. The systems also have a built-in ratchet lock, which ensures that an initial crimp is completed and thus produces the best possible results. Pumps that can be connected to a variety of different crimp heads offer versatility and provide maximum comfort and flexibility when working in tight spaces and demanding areas.

The V1300 System is used for crimping Cu Terminals 10-400mm2. An open-head C version is also available for better access in confined spaces.
The V250 System is used for crimping Cu Terminals 10-800mm2.

The V1300 System is used for the indent crimping of Al Terminals and pre-rounding of Al Conductors 16-240mm2. Round crimping is carried out on sector-shaped Al Conductors.
The V250 System is used for indent crimping Al Terminals and pre-rounding Al Conductors 16-630mm2. Round crimping is carried out on sector-shaped Al Conductors.

For more information on Elpress V600 Crimping Head (Cu 10-240mm², Al 16-35mm² C-sleeves 6-50mm²), consult PDF File or Technical Data Table below. PVL350-WOBC, PVL350-US

*Technical Data subject to change without notice. PVL350-WOBC, PVL350-US

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Technical Data

Part No. KRD/KSD
KR/KS, KRF/KSF AL CU KRF/KSF C sleeves Solid Al Gross Weight Dimensions Crimping Geometry
Elpress V600 10-240 mm² 10-240 mm² 10-150 mm² 16-25 mm² 10-240 mm² 6/6-50/50 mm² 16-35 mm² 2,45 kg 189 x 74 x 53 mm Punch, Hexagonal, Oval

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