Cinterion Gemalto AHS3 Automotive Wireless M2M Module

Product overview

​​Automotive 3G SMT with Migration Path to LTE

Gemalto AHS3 Automotive Wireless M2M Module is optimized for ​high quality audio support and high bandwidth automotive connectivity with speeds up to 14.4 Mbps for downlink and 5.7 Mbps for uplink. The solderable platform offers true global 3G coverage in two regional variants, AHS3-US and AHS3-W, providing cost optimization and improved Total Cost of Ownership.

Gemalto Cinterion AHS3 Automotive Wireless M2M Module is equipped with high performance GPS, the Gemalto AHS3 Automotive Wireless M2M Module platform is prepared to meet the comprehensive requirements of the European eCall and ERA-GLONASS initiatives. It also features in-band modem functionality, voice prompts, high quality audio according to VDA 2a, jamming detection, antenna diagnosis as well as TCP/IP services.

The module’s extreme durability and ultra compact LGA footprint matches other Cinterion LTE modules offering product longevity and a reliable forward migration path as 4G becomes imperative to support evolving data-intensive services and automotive entertainment systems. ​

Gemalto AHS3 Features

  • Region: Emea, Apac, Latam, Noram
  • Five-Band 3G (HSPA+)
  • EDGE / GPRS class 12
  • Fully integrated GPS solution
  • RLS Monitor (Jamming Detection)
  • Improved Power Management
  • RIL, Multiplex, USB, NDIS driver
  • eCall and ERA-GLONASS compliant
  • Digital & Analog Audio support, VDA hands-free category 2a
  • LGA mounting, 33x29x2,4mm
  • Antenna Diagnostis
  • Approvals: R&TTE, FCC, GCF, PTCRB, UL, IC, CE

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