Gemalto PDS6 Industrial Plus Wireless M2M Module

Product overview

​Global 3G M2M Connectivity and JavaTM Embedded

Gemalto PDS6 Industrial Plus Wireless M2M Module delivers Five-Band 3G connectivity and Java embedded processing power for simplified,​ highly efficient, edge-to-enterprise industrial communications.

Gemalto PDS6-J Industrial Plus Wireless M2M Module is also available with 3G with JavaTM embedded for the Japan market.

Leveraging the massive Java ecosystem and offering a powerful ARM11 architecture, the PDS6 Industrial Plus Wireless M2M Module significantly reduces complexity and total cost of ownership (TCO) while speeding time to market by sharing internal resources such as memory, a large existing code base and proven software building blocks. The Gemalto PDS6 Industrial Plus Wireless M2M Module solution’s improved Java concept uses Multi MIDlet Java execution to simultaneously host and run multiple applications and protocols.

An extended security concept with the latest TLS/SSL engine provides secure and reliable TCP/IP connectivity while an enriched internal flash file system enables royalty free firmware updates over-the-air (FOTA) when required. Sophisticated sandbox modeling and layered architectures simplify device management (DM) and separate mobile network operator approvals from application code development, allowing simultaneous progress of both phases of development.

Gemalto PDS6 eatures

  • Region: Global
  • ​Five-Bands UMTS
  • EDGE/GPRS Class 12
  • embedded TCP/IP stack
  • Java ME 3.2
  • Advanced Temperature Management
  • Full Voice Support (digital and analog audio)
  • FOTA (configurable & free of charge)
  • LGA Mounting Technology

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