nVent CADDY Series Nut (SN) (SNM10 – 390007)

Product overview

nVent CADDY Series Nut (SN) has an innovative slotted design that allows side mounting of the nut to threaded rod. Ideal for retrofit projects. We hold stock of Part Number: SNM10 – 390007 (Next Day Delivery in the UK).

Part Numbers: SNM6, SNM8, SNM10, SNM12

nVent CADDY Series Nut Features

  • Allows side mounting of nut to threaded rod
  • Reduces the need for threading compared to standard nuts and washers
  • Ideal for retrofit projects, such as trapeze installations, where disassembly of the support system is not desired
  • Works with slightly damaged threads and minor burrs on the threaded rod
  • Reduces installation time up to 50%

*Technical Data subject to change without notice. nVent Caddy SN – SNM10 – 390007

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Technical Data

Material: Steel, Finish: Electrogalvanised

Part Number Article Number Rod Size
A B Static Load
SNM6 390005 M6 14 mm 16 mm 1,650 N 10 x 10 pc
SNM8 390006 M8 19 mm 19 mm 4,500 N 10 x 10 pc
SNM10 390007 M10 19 mm 19 mm 6,000 N 10 x 10 pc
SNM12 390008 M12 23 mm 25 mm 10,000 N 10 x 10 pc

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