Prysmian BICON All-in-one Underground Link Disconnecting Box (Prysmian Type 822, Type 824)

Product overview

Prysmian BICON Connector Blocks, All-in-one Underground Link Disconnecting Box and Metering Link Disconnect Box and Mini Pillar belong to the Prysmian Link Boxes and Connectors Blocks Category.
Part Numbers: Prysmian Type 822 – 2 Way, Type 824 – 4 Way, Type 822T – 2 Way Tailed, Type 824 – 4 Way Tailed

An underground link-disconnecting box is a LV cable joint that incorporates a removable link such that it may be “switched”.

There is increasing pressure on the electricity supply companies to reduce customer interruptions. This means that the use of link boxes can help the distribution network to increase its flexibility. According to the requirements of the network, the energisation or de-energisation of different parts is possible.

The link box also has the facility to connect localised customers directly via a generator. Also during maintenance or a repair, you can replace the solid links with fused links. 

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