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Prysmian BICON Connector Blocks

Product overview

Prysmian BICON Connector Blocks, All-in-one Underground Link Disconnecting Box and Metering Link Disconnect Box and Mini Pillar belong to the Prysmian Link Boxes and Connectors / Connection Blocks Category. Product available as Single or Double Poles:

Prysmian BICON Connector Blocks Single Pole Description

  • Terminal blocks are brass with serrated bores to suit both stranded copper and solid
    aluminium conductors.
  • Two M8 grub screws are provided for each cable way.
  • Housings are black phenolic with knock-outs at each cable entry.
  • Cover screw is wire sealable.
  • Length 60mm, Width 51mm, Depth 45mm.
  • Self adhesive earth indicator label included for optional use.
Design No. G72273-60
Max. conductor size
Stranded copper or aluminium 35 mm²
SAC 50 mm²
No. of ways 5


Prysmian BICON Connector Blocks Double Pole Description

  • A two level design with a separate removable compartment for the neutral
    terminal block, providing easy access for cabling both phase and neutral terminal
    block through knock-outs.
  • Housings are black phenolic with knock-outs at each cable entry.
  • The phase terminal block is color coded red.
  • Terminal blocks and grub screws are tin plated.
  • Cover screws are wire sealable.
  • Length 54mm, Width 87mm, Depth 53mm.
Design No. G70098-02
Max. conductor size  
Per Pole 16 (2 ways)
Stranded Copper mm2    25 (3 ways)
No. of ways 5


Download PDF file for additional information on Prysmian BICON Connector Blocks (Single Pole & Double Pole).

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