Silver Fox Endurance External Pipe ID Tape (ET/HD/50/25, ET/HD/100/25, ET/HD/150/25)

Product overview

The Silver Fox Endurance External Pipe ID Tape is made from the highest grades of material, for critical applications in demanding environments. Longer life means less maintenance costs. Typically this solution would be used in the oil and gas industry to identify process pipes both on and offshore, or other critical applications. Popular Part Numbers: ET/HD/50/25, ET/HD/100/25, ET/HD/150/25


  • Supplied with release lines for easy application.
  • 3 widths depending on pipe diameter (50mm, 100mm, 150mm).
  • Custom made to your requirements.
  • Extensive independent testing.
  • Letters of compliance available.
  • Made to BS1710:1984, BS4800 and ISO14726 standards.
  • Can be used externally or internally.
  • Available in wide range of colours.


To verify how it performs under duress, Endurance External Pipe ID Tape has been independently tested for a variety of different demanding and critical conditions including:

Moisture Resistance: MIL-STD-202G Method 106G
Low Temperature 72 hours @ -40°C:  MIL-STD-810F Method 502.4
High Temperature 2000 hours @ 70°C to 100°C*: MIL-STD-202G Method 108A
Hydrogen Sulphide: H2S Sour Gas Exposure (2% H2S)
UV Weathering 6500 hours: ISO 4982 Part 3 Method A Cycle 1
Salt Mist Spray: IEC60068-2-52 Test Kb Salt Mist (Cyclic)

*Samples were subjected to 500 hours @ 70°C, followed by 500 hours @ 85°C followed by 1000 hours @ 100°C.

Certificates of conformity based on these tests are available at no additional cost.


Store between   50º F (10º C) and 77º F (25º C)
Conditions  Keep in dark conditions
Humidity Resistance 35% to 65% RH


Silver Fox Endurance External Pipe ID Tape ORDER INFORMATION

Product Code Width** (mm) Length (m) Rolls Per Pack
ET/HD/50/25 50 25 1 Roll
ET/HD/50/50 50 50 1 Roll
ET/HD/100/25 100 25 1 Roll
ET/HD/100/50 100 50 1 Roll
ET/HD/150/25 150 25 1 Roll
ET/HD/150/50 150 50 1 Roll


**Other sizes available upon request.

Download PDF File for Additional Information on Silver Fox Endurance External Pipe ID Tape.


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Technical Data

Material: 50 micron self-adhesive Polyester
Operating Temperature: -40°C to 149°C (-40°F to 300°F)
RoHS (EU/2002/95/EC): RoHS Compliant
Colour Options All colours taken from the BS 1710 (BS 4800 colours) and ISO 14726 standards


*Technical Data subject to change without notice.

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