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Elpress Crimp Dies for V1300, V1311, PVL1300 and PVX1300 (OHL Connectors) Crimp Dies for V1300

Product overview

Elpress Crimp Dies for V1300V1311PVL1300 and PVX1300 (OHL Connectors). Supplied as a pair.
Die Holder Part Nos: Elpress V1316, V1318


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Technical Data

Crimp Dies
For hexagonal crimping of Connectors for overhead conductors of AlMgSi (super B) and Al 59.

mm2 Inner Die Holder Outer Die Holder Dies No. of Crimps
31-62 V1316 V1318 B16NP 2 x 5
 99 V1316 V1318  B20NP 2 x 5
157  13B26* 2 x 16
241  13B32* 2 x 16

*Used without Matrix Holder.

For hexagonal crimping of Connectors for overhead ACSR Conductors. Die Holders V1316 and V1318 to be used.
Steel Connectors (inner) Al-Connector (outer)
mm2 Dies No. of Crimps Dies No. of Crimps
62 B6FE 2 x 5 B16NP 2 x 5
99 B8FE 2 x 5 B20NP 2 x 5


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