Elpress PEB0110T18 Crimping Tool (0.14-10mm²)

Product overview

Elpress PEB0110T18 Crimping Tool (Range 0.14 – 10mm²) is a self-adjusting front feed crimping tool for end sleeves up to 18 mm in length.

PEB0110T18 is a new tool for crimping end sleeves that are up to 18 mm long in a single crimp. The crimp tool is self-adjusting, thus ensuring quality. Front feed makes the tool user-friendly and convenient in confined applications. The crimping tool is tested for 50,000 crimps without calibration and is thereby “life-time-calibrated”.

Like the other tools in the PEB series, Crimp Tool PEB0110T18 is well-balanced in hand and has a high-friction grip that makes it possible to use a table as support.

Elpress PEB0110T18 Features

  • Trapezoidal geometry in the crimp with toothed underside for optimal extract values.
  • Compact design, ideal for confined applications.
  • Ergonomic handles in grip-friendly material and low grip force for convenient use.
  • Small handle opening.
  • Ratchet function to ensure that the crimp is completed.
  • Emergency release if the crimping process has to be interrupted.
  • High-friction grip on the handle in order to be able to get support from a bench, for example.
  • Elpress PEB0110T18 Crimping Tool (0.14-10mm²) has a custom hole to attach a safety line.
  • Mechanical tests in accordance with IEC 60947-1 and EN 60999-1
  • When contact crimping Elpress terminals, a connection is achieved that has been tensile tested according to VDE 0609.
  • Supplied with certificate for basic quality monitoring.

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Technical Data

Prod. Name mm2 AWG Crimp Geometry Net Weight Length Width
PEB0110T18 0.14-10 26-8 Trapezoid 0.300 kg 180 mm 25 mm

Product Video

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