Elpress Pre-Insulated Receptacles (Fully Insulated) - Halogen Free (0.5-6mm²) A1505FLSF8

Product overview

Elpress Pre-Insulated Fully Insulated Receptacles Rolled Type

Elpress Pre-Insulated Receptacles (Fully Insulated) – Halogen Free (0.5-6mm²) manufactured of brass, tin plated and have brazed necks.
Part Numbers: A1503FLSF5, A1503FLSF8, A1505FLSF5, A1505FLSF8, A1507FLSF, A2505FLSF5, A2505FLSF8, A2507FLSF, A4607FLSF.

General Information

System Elpress consists of Terminals and Tools designed and tested together to give a certified crimping result. This ensures that users will feel confident when using our systems, and the achievement of a secure connection through the proper handling of our products. By using Elpress Cu-Connection elements together with one of Elpress Crimp Systems one obtains a connection tested according to the requirements of IEC 61238:1.

Elpress ring, fork and pin terminals made of high-class copper 99.95%. The tab and bullet terminals made of brass or tin-bronze. All terminals are then electrolytically tin-plated for maximum corrosion protection. The terminal’s neck is brazed and annealed, which means it can be crimped in any direction. The metal in the receptacles’ neck double folded. This means that the finished terminal has excellent mechanical strength and low resistance.


Elpress  system for marking Al and AlCu Terminals shows the conductor area and reference to rounded and contact crimping tools, within the Elpress range. A tool reference for hexagonal crimping copper is give on the bimetallic through connectors.

For more information on Elpress Pre-Insulated Receptacles (Fully Insulated) – Halogen Free (0.5-6mm²), consult the PDF File or Technical Data table below. A1505FLSF8, A2507FLSF, A4607FLSF

*Technical Data subject to change without notice.

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Technical Data

  • Material: brass, tin plated Cu/ Sn, brazed neck.
  • PC and PA insulation has EasyEntry, PC and PA are halogen free.
Insulation Colour mm² Cat. No. W mm L d For Tab s Pcs/Pack Rec. Tool Insulation Type
0,5-1,5 A1503FLSF5 5,5 19,5 3,4 2,8x0,5 7 100 GSA0760 PA*
0,5-1,5 A1503FLSF8 5 19,5 3,4 2,8x0,8 7 100 GSA0760 PA*
0,5-1,5 A1505FLSF5 7,2 19,5 4,1 4,8x0,5 7 100 GSA0760 PA*
0,5-1,5 A1505FLSF8 7,2 19,5 4,1 4,8x0,8 7 100 GSA0760 PA*
0,5-1,5 A1507FLSF 8,5 21,3 4 6,3x0,8 7 100 GSA0760 PC
1,5-2,5 A2505FLSF5 7,2 19,5 4,5 4,8x0,5 8 100 GSA0760 PA*
1,5-2,5 A2505FLSF8 7 19,5 3,9 4,8x0,8 8 100 GSA0760 PA*
1,5-2,5 A2507FLSF 8,8 21,3 4,5 6,3x0,8 8 100 GSA0760 PC
4,0-6,0 A4607FLSF 9,2 26 5,4 6,3x0,8 9 100 GSA0760 PA*

s= strip length, *non-brazed with reinforcement sleeve

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