Elpress ST25 Intercable AMS Universal Cable Stripper (Ø > 25mm)

Product overview

Elpress ST25 – Intercable AMS Universal Cable Stripper (up to Ø 25mm) is a cable stripping tool (also known as Intercable AV6220, AMS, ST25) suitable for removing all insulation layers of cables with an outer diameter from 25mm .

Cutting Depth is adjustable (from 0 to 5mm). Kit contains AMS Universal Cable Stripper and plastic case with instructions for use. Capacity of any cutting tool may vary due to conductor design, insulation thickness, hardness of materials, etc.

Elpress ST25 Universal Cable Stripper (Ø > 25mm) 1
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Elpress ST25 Universal Cable Stripper (Ø > 25mm)
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Intercable AMS Universal Cable Stripper
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Intercable AMS Universal Cable Stripper AV6220
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Application range: ø > 25 mm
Insulation thickness: 0 – 5 mm
Suggested application: PVC / Rubber

Elpress ST25 / Intercable AMS Features

  • Designed to strip outer sheath from MV and LV cables
  • Longitudinal and circular cuts
  • Designed to strip the ends and mid-span
  • Stripping without cutting what is below
  • Interchangeable two-sided blade
  • Adjustable cutting depth
  • Snap closure mechanism
  • No damaging of below surface
  • Long lasting precise interchangeable two sided blade

General Information

To strip insulation from cable there are the EMBLA, EMBLA RA, TOR and ODEN tools. They strip from approximately 0,02mm2 up to ∅ 40mm cable. The tools feature high precision, ergonomic adaptation, user friendliness and reliability.

Tools are available in several variants for cutting Cu and Al cable up to approximately Ø 85mm. In addition to the simplest mechanical tools that cut cable up to Ø 20mm, there is a wide range of hydraulic tools for cutting cable up to approx 85mm.

The size of the conductor that the tools can handle mainly depends on the type of conductor to cut, whether it is a LV or MV cable and the class of the conductor. The hardness of the conductor’s material also affects the results. For example, the PKL54C is capable of cutting type Cu FKKJ 4 x 95 mm2 low voltage cable or Al AKKJ 4 x 240mm2 or MV cable type Al AXLJ 3 x 150mm2. The insulation takes some space on the medium voltage cable which is why it can be restrictive.

Finally, for the preparation of medium voltage cables, 12-24 kV and removal of conducting layers and PEX insulation, tools FBS1722 and FBS1723 are available.

For more information on Elpress ST25 – Intercable AMS Universal Cable Stripper (Intercable AV6220, AMS, ST25), consult PDF File or Technical Data Table below.

*Technical Data subject to change without notice.

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Technical Data

Part. No. Description Stripping Area Weight Dimensions
AMS, AV6220, ST25 Universal Cable Stripper Ø > 25mm 200 g 160 x 35 x 65 mm
AV6299 Spare Blade - - -


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