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Elpress TOR Stripping Tool for cable Ø 4.5-40mm

Product overview

Elpress Stripping Tool TOR for cable Ø 4.5-40mm is a tool for stripping of large areas up to Ø 40mm. It is a professional stripping tool for cables of all insulation types. Designed to fit the hand and for ease of use, TOR can strip the most difficult cables in the harshest of environments.

The cutting capacity of any cutting tool may vary due to conductor design, insulation thickness, hardness of materials, etc.


Elpress TOR Features

  • Elpress TOR Stripping Tool for cable Ø 4.5-40mm has two exhangeable hooks for covering the wide diameter range.
  • Locked positions for cutting around and along the cable as well as in a spiral.
  • The cutting can be made on cable outer diameters from 4.5-40mm with insulation thickness up to 4.5mm (adjustable knife).
  • Spare blades available and may be stored in an integrated compartment in the handle.


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Technical Data


Area Cat. No. Weight Dimensions
Ø 4.5- 40mm TOR 0.116 kg 150 x 42 x 31 mm (small hook)

167 x 52 x 31 mm (big hook)

TOR SP KNIFE 0.010 kg


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    Technical Information

    • Image (bottom): Three stripping functions.

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