GIFAS Solid Rubber Small Mobile Distributor Type 1400 - 301480, 210521

Product overview

GIFAS Solid Rubber Small Mobile Distributor – Type 1400

GIFAS Small Mobile Distributor – Type 1400 (Art. No: 301480) is a small, simple and easy to install electric power distribution box. Well suited for many applications, especially in areas that depend on high-quality, robust enclosures and total reliability. 210521

GIFAS stands for proven quality when it comes to materials and components, ensuring that things run smoothly on site. With their mobile solid rubber distributors you can rely on a trouble-free experience at changing locations.

  • Wired ready for connection
  • Easy to service
  • All parts are individually replaceable
  • Available with a transparent protective cover for a maximum of two miniature circuit breakers

Featured image is similar to the product offered (distributor is supplied with English Schukos, unless German ones are needed).

GIFAS Type 1400 – Technical Features

Article Numbers: 301480 210521
Dimensions: H x W x D = 78 x 290 x 65 mm
Protection: IP 54
Concurrency factor: 0.25
Weight: approx. 2.5 kg


  • 3m GIFAS-PROFLEXX-07 Cable 3 x 1.5 mm2, with Schukoplug according to British Standard 1363


  • 4 x Schukosockets 230V, according to British Standard 1363, without protection

GIFAS Distributors’ Advantages

– various advantages of solid rubber materials
– all external metal parts made of rust-proof materials
– fuse elements protected by impact-resistant special coverings
– VA, double anchor screws with stainless brass press-in sockets are inserted into the housing
– service-friendly construction, as all parts are individually replaceable
– protection category up to IP65
– self-extinguishing and hard to combust
– from series 7200 and above, all distributors have terminal blocks as standard
– comply with all basic requirements for equipment of category 2 “K 2”
– electrically tested by the manufacturer

General Information

The solid rubber housings may be delivered in various housing measurements. In addition to the standard housings, for special applications, housing variants are available with the preferred tops. According to the customer’s requirements, GIFAS can design and manufacture special customised solutions.

GIFAS manufactures cable inlets on a project-specific basis, dependent on the number and cross-section of the intended connection lines. Bore holes in the corresponding places are provided for this and the PG glands are mounted for supply from above or below.

The solid rubber distributors, by means of the internal fastening points (sealed from within by the manufacturer), can mount straight onto the wall. Or, according to the version, mounting via C rails or retaining tabs is a possibility.

On grounds of the material’s properties, as well as the high wall thickness, no condensation accumulates in the solid rubber distributors. A ventilation recess is not necessary.

As an option for wall-mounting, various standard solutions are available. As a simple stand solution, we offer a galvanised collapsible stand. For highvalue stand solutions and higher loads in outdoor use, as an option, robust T stands in various material finishes are available.

The electrical components can be built in flexibly, to the front side or in the side walls. According to the housing shape and size, various distributor units are available.

For more information on GIFAS Small Mobile Distributor 1400 (301480), please advise Technical Data below. For additional information on Distribution Boxes of this type and other Mobile Distributors download PDF File. 210521

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Technical Data

(H x W x D)
301480 0.25 IP 54 78 x 290 x 65 mm approx. 2.5 kg


  • 3m GIFAS-PROFLEXX-07 Cable 3 x 1.5 mm2,
    with Schukoplug according to British Standard 1363
  • 4 x Schukosockets 230V, according to British Standard 1363,
    without protection

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