Nexans Euromold 670AR-2 K670AR-2 Equipment Bushing (670AR-2/J, 670AR-2/GS, K670AR-2/J, K670AR-2/GS)

Product overview

Nexans Euromold 670AR-2 Equipment Bushing

Nexans Euromold 670AR-2 DesignNexans Euromold 670AR-2/ K670AR-2 Equipment Bushings are MV-HV Bushings for use in equipment insulated with oil fluid, typically for transformers, switchgear, capacitors that are specified to terminate and connect medium/high voltage cables in the following voltage classes:

  • 6/10 (12kV)
  • 6.35/11 (12kV)
  • 8.7/15 (17.5kV)
  • 12/20 (24kV)
  • 12.7/22 (24kV)

Technical Characteristics

  • Each bushing is tested for AC withstand and partial discharge prior to leaving the factory.
  • The plug-in type equipment bushings are moulded epoxy insulated parts and meet the requirements of CENELEC EN 50180 and IEC 60137.

Specification & Design

To order the equipment bushing, specify the type. The bushings can be supplied with an earth jumper (/J) or an earth plate (/GS). This earth connection must be specified when ordering (e.g. K670AR-2/GS):

Euromold Equipment
Bushing Type
670AR-2 12 kV 1250 Amps
K670AR-2 24 kV 1250 Amps


Note: For dimensions of the above bushing types, refer to the Technical Data Table below.

Nexans Euromold 670AR-2 Fixings for Bushings

Nexans Euromold 670AR-2 Fixings


For additional General and Technical Information on Nexans Euromold K670AR-2 Equipment Bushings, download PDF File or check the Design Image above.

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