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Prysmian BICON Bicaseal Putty Solid Setting F7061252 (UF7061252)

Product overview

Prysmian BICON Bicaseal Putty Solid Setting F7061252 (UF7061252) is a two part putty mix, supplied as individually wrapped sticks of resin and hardener, which are different in colour to aid complete mixing. It has a usable life of 60 minutes at 20°C with an average setting time of 1 hour 30 minutes.

It becomes a hard mass after approximately 4 hours. It should ideally be left, without any movement, over night to cure fully. At reduced ambient temperatures, the setting time will increase and the mixing of the two components will become more difficult. Before application of the putty mix, ensure that the surfaces are clean and free from oil or lubricants, and where possible roughen the surfaces to aid adhesion. Water immersion, or the presence of water, will not prevent setting.
However, for good seals the surface should be dry. The maximum continuous operating temperature is 120°C, (with a maximum temperature of 450°C for short periods of time). Bicaseal putty is not affected by oils (e.g. transformer oil) and the surfaces may be painted after curing.

Equal lengths of resin and hardener should be cut from the sticks and worked together by hand until a uniform colour is achieved. It is important that the equal amounts of resin and putty are mixed together, as incorrect quantities will adversely affect the compound. The putty is easy to mix and starts to set as soon as mixed.

As the compound is an epoxy putty, a small proportion of users could be sensitive to it. Normal hygiene standards should be set by the user, i.e. wash hands immediately after use.
Disposable plastic gloves should be worn during both mixing and application.
During cold weather, it is advantageous for the compound to be warmed to aid mixing and thus avoid damage to the

Each 0.5kg pack of Prysmian BICON Bicaseal Putty Solid Setting F7061252 contains two sticks each of resin and hardener, individually wrapped.


APPLICATIONS of Prysmian BICON Bicaseal Putty Solid Setting F7061252:

  • Cable Terminating: Can be used for capping ends of metal or PVC/XLPE sheathed cables and for sealing the crutches of PVC/XLPE cables. It can be used to make a ‘wipe’ between a service box and a PVC/XLPE sheathed cable. Neat plumbs can be formed with Bicaseal.
  • Development: Can be used for modelling prototypes, is an excellent medium for moulding, and can be machines when fully cured.
  • Repairs: Bicaseal is an effective medium for repairs to objects made of wood, metal, ceramics etc. The joint made between most materials have good mechanical strength.


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    Performance Data

    Part Number New Prysmian Part Number Reference Number Description
    UF7061252 CGBUF7061252 CGBUF7061252 F7061252 Bicaseal Putty In 0.5Kg Pack