Prysmian BICON G38A Hot Pour Compound F70038-55 (UF7003855)

Product overview

Prysmian BICON G38A Hot Pour Compound F70038-55 (UF7003855) is a filling (jointing) compound for power cable joints and termination boxes. Designed to provide an oil resistant high voltage cable joint, termination box or transformer filling compound for medium/high voltage (MV-HV) cables up to 33KV. Supplied in 25 litre tins. Store in a cool and dry location.

Prysmian BICON G38A Hot Pour Compound F70038-55 (UF7003855) – Handling

  • Prysmian BICON G38A Hot Pour Compound F70038-55 is heated prior to pouring into the cable box, box or transformer. User/ installer should wear protective clothing to prevent accidental skin burns. This should include gloves, boots, overalls and eye protection.
  • Heat Compound F70038-55 in a dry compound bucket, which you must clean out by heating and scraping prior to re-use. It is important that the container is clean to prevent the introduction of carbonised deposits from previous heating operations in the same receptacle.
  • Transfer the compound into the bucket and place over the heating apparatus. Fit a lid or cover to keep out dust and foreign matter while heating. As the compound melts, stir it frequently to ensure even mixing, thus avoiding the risk of carbonisation. Replace lid on each occasion.
  • Uniformly heat Prysmian BICON G38A with no signs of degradation (carbonisation) or contamination and then pour within the specified temperature range (110-115°C for G38A) .
  • If there is any solid residue of the compound in the bucket, it is dangerous to try to remelt it by applying direct heat to the bottom. Again, this can cause carbonisation. Heating should be gradual, starting on the container sides as above.
  • The compound will tend to contract by approximately 6% on cooling. As a result there will be a necessity for a ‘top-up’ pouring.
  • The accessory may be energized when compound temperature falls below approximately 60°C.
  • Dispose of the Prysmian BICON G38A Hot Pour Compound by controlled incineration or in an approved landfill area according to local regulations.

*Technical Data subject to change without notice.

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Technical Data

Part Number New Prysmian Part Number Reference Number Description
UF7003855 CGBUF7003855 F7003855 G38A Hot Pour Compound In 25 Lt

Performance Data

Specific Gravity (g/cm3) @ 20°C 0.97
Thermal expansion coefficient 0.0007
Flash Point (Open Cup, °C) 228
Viscosity (cst): @20°C
Pouring range (°C) 105-115
Colour in bulk  Dark amber
Dielectric Withstand (BS1858) 30kV for 1 minute
Power Factor @60°C  0.005 (max)
Moisture content (%) < 0.01

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