Prysmian BICON BITHERM Heatshrink Cable Joints (Medium Voltage) (HBUKA, HJ3CU11A, HJ3CU11B)

Product overview

Prysmian BICON HBUKA & HJ3CU BITHERM Heatshrink Cable Joints (MV)

Prysmian BICON BITHERM Heatshrink Cable Joints (Medium Voltage) are quick and easy to install, offering high reliability and excellent performance for universal jointing of medium voltage cables. They are designed to suit 11kV paper and polymeric cables.
Part Numbers: HBUKA, HJ3CU11A, HJ3CU11B

Features & Benefits

  • Easy installation
  • Large range take
  • Hazard free jointing resin (Please see health and safety aspects)
  • Tested to BS7888
  • Centralised BICON® connector eliminates poor alignment
  • Split connector – Jigsaw connecting profile to give extra tensile strength
  • Universal jointing: – Polymeric or paper cables
    – Straight or transition
  • All components designed and tested as a system


  • Heatshrink joints meet BS7888 joint standards.
  • Copies of type test reports are available upon request.

Prysmian BICON Cable Joints

For many years, BICON has been in the forefront of jointing technology, from designs using bituminous filling compounds, to the development of the highly successful BICAST acrylic resin jointing system.

Most recently, we have supplemented these ranges with heat shrink and pre-moulded products (BIMOLD). We can now offer a unique package to satisfy all requirements.

All four systems are available at voltages up to or above 33 kV and, depending on application, each may offer benefits over the others.

For instance, termination of high voltage polymeric cables requiring the facility to disconnect or add in additional cables at a later stage, means that BIMOLD is the logical choice. Likewise, BICAST provides a fast, comprehensive jointing method with a versatile range covering low and high voltage and all cable types.

Download PDF file for Health and Safety Aspects of Resin and Joint Selector Chart for Prysmian BICON HBUKA & HJ3CU BITHERM Heatshrink Cable Joints (MV)(HBUKA, HJ3CU11A, HJ3CU11B).

*Technical Data subject to change without notice.

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Technical Data


Joint Type
Conductor Size Part Number Resin Volume
Straight/ Transition 35-70 mm HBUKA + HJ3CU11A 14 litres
Straight/ Transition 95-185 mm HJ3CU11A 14 litres
Straight/ Transition 185-300 mm HJ3CU11B 28 litres


HBUKA = Heatshrink joint build up kit A
1 kit contains 3 connectors, resin, heatshrink tubes and an external shell

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