Silver Fox Labacus Innovator Software - Lite (LIS-LIT), Basic (LIS-BAS), Advanced (LIS-ADV) and Professional (LIS-PRO)

Product overview

Silver Fox Labacus Innovator Software  is a vital part of any computerised labelling solution. Four levels available: Lite (LIS-LIT), Basic (LIS-BAS), Advanced (LIS-ADV) and Professional (LIS-PRO).

The software is not based on any pre-existing “engine”, it is written from the ground upwards. This has enabled us to continuously mould/evolve and improve our software in line with the changing needs and expectations of our users. We also take feedback/ideas from our customers and incorporate those into our software to the benefit of all. Automatic updates keep all our users completely up to date. This also protects the initial investment.

License and Support Fees

There is a one-off license fee that is on a per desk basis*. Multiple desk licenses are also available. For users of our solution, technical support and advice are FOC.

*If you need to move the software to another computor there will be a fee to issue a new license.


Our users also benefit from software updates via the automated web update functionality included in our software

Tip- Time into profit!

Silver Fox Labacus Innovator Software Levels

Silver Fox offer 4 levels of our Labacus Innovator Software:



  • Includes templates for the full range of Silver Fox laser labels
  • Includes full range of Belden LabelFlex® templates
  • Includes full range of CommScope® templates
  • Copy/paste from any spreadsheets
  • Produce simple builds
  • Create a sequence
  • Font “size to fit”
  • Fine tune label position to labels


The Basic is a very good level of software with additional functionality, it can be trialled FOC for 3 (SEPARATE) days by downloading the Labacus Lite software. Highlights, as for Lite plus:

  • Includes templates for all Silver Fox thermal and laser labels
  • Save/Recall jobs
  • Internal ‘Help’ Videos (Learn Software in 5 minutes)
  • Entry level for Fox-in-a-Box®
  • Roll Back function between print runs – Reduces label waste
  • Graphical Fine Tune


The Advanced level is an industry leading flexible and powerful software that will potentially cover most if not all of your needs. Trial this software FOC for 3 (SEPARATE) days as part of the Lite level download. Highlights, as for Basic plus:

  • Import CSV spreadsheets single column/merge multiple column
  • Multiple entry blocks for fast build construction
  • Sequences with pre-fix and/or suffix
  • Select font sizes
  • Multiple line labels


The Professional level is a high powered labelling software that further builds on the industry-leading Advanced level. Trial this software FOC for 3 (SEPARATE) days as part of the Lite level download. Highlights, as for Advanced plus:

  • Bar codes and QR codes
  • Graphics
  • Full spreadsheet view on import
  • Variable duplication allowing different quantities if each cable ID
  • Cross-Ferruling functionality
  • Drag and Drop Graphics
  • Rotate Graphics
  • Professional Satellite technology offering locked jobs for distant sites

Order Information

Product Code Silver Fox Labacus Innovator
Software Version
Delivery Download
LIS-LIT FREE Labacus Innovator Lite FREE Web Download Includes FREE trials of Basic, Advanced & Pro
LIS-BAS Labacus Innovator Basic Web Download Purchase Licence
LIS-ADV Labacus Innovator Advanced Web Download Purchase Licence
LIS-PRO Labacus Innovator Professional Web Download Purchase Licence


Download PDF Files for Additional Product Version Information, Functionalities  and Version Comparison Chart.

Watch an Overview of the Silver Fox Labacus Innovator Software at the YouTube video below.

FREE Technical Advisory Service
E-Tech Components UK Ltd maintains a free technical advisory service.
Contact us for enquiries concerning this and all other products: +44 (0) 1744 762 929

Technical Data

Operating System: 32-bit/64-bit Microsoft Windows 2000, NT, XP, Vista, 7, 8 or 10
Processor: 1 GHz higher
Physical Memory (RAM): 1 Gb or higher
Hard Disk Space: 200mb
Graphics Monitor: SVGA or higher
Printer: Laser printer and/or Silver Fox DTP-1 Thermal Printer

*Technical Data subject to change without notice.

Product Video

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