Silver Fox Prolab Raised Profile Thermal Labels

Product overview

Silver Fox Prolab Raised Profile Thermal Labels are a very durable alternative to engraved labels, they incorporate a strong acrylic adhesive for long term bonding. They are designed and manufactured to ensure maximum durability both for long term bonding and quality of print. Ideal for labelling sockets with circuit ID numbers or equipment (e.g. within control panels). Popular Part Numbers: P/RPL01/2510T, P/RPL01/5010T

Using the Professional Level of the Labacus Innovator software, it is also possible to produce these labels incorporating Bar Codes/QR codes. Print via Fox-in-a-Box thermal printer using the same software, printer, ribbon as all other thermal labels.

Silver Fox Prolab Raised Profile Labels APPLICATIONS

Typical applications would include sockets with circuit ID numbers, patch panel identification, push-buttons, CCTV Camera ID numbers, switches and internal connection points.

Silver Fox Prolab Raised Profile Thermal Labels


  • Extensively independently tested.
  • Choice of White, Yellow or Silver in a range of sizes.
  • Same software, same printer, same ribbon for all thermal label types.
  • Hi-grade adhesive.
  • Print using DTP –1/300 Thermal Printer.


Extensively independently tested for:

Resistance to Solvents:
MIL-STD-202-215 w/change 1
Low Temperature:  In House – 1000 hours @ -18°C
Elevated Temperature: In House – 1000 hours @ 70°C



Store between   50º F (10º C) and 77º F (25º C)
Conditions  Keep in dark conditions
Humidity Resistance 35% to 65% RH


Silver Fox Prolab Raised Profile ORDER INFORMATION

Product Code Label Dim (mm) Labels per Roll Pack Qty Labels per Pack Colour Options
P/RPL01/2510T 25 x 10 6000 1 Roll 6000 Silver Fox Raised Profile
P/RPL01/2515T 25 x 15 3600 1 Roll 3600
P/RPL01/4015T 40 x 15 2400 1 Roll 2400
P/RPL01/5010T 50 x 10 4000 1 Roll 4000
P/RPL01/5025T 50 x 25 600 2 Rolls 1200


Download PDF Files for Additional Information on Silver Fox Prolab Raised Profile Thermal Labels, Equipment Label Application Guides and Thermal Printer Ribbons.


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Technical Data

RoHS: RoHS Complaint
Printing: Silver Fox DTP-1 Thermal Printer
Thermal Ribbon: TSR3/300



*Technical Data subject to change without notice.

Technical Information

  • Image 1: Prolab Raised Profile Thermal Labels Barcode
Prolab Raised Profile Thermal Labels 2

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