Weicon Tools Cat Cable Stripper No 10 (52000010)

Product overview

Weicon Tools Cat Cable Stripper No 10 ensures safe and comfortable stripping of all common data and network cables with a diameter of 4.5 – 10 mm Ø (e.g. Cat5, Cat6, Cat7, twisted-pair cables). The cutting depth does not need to be adjusted manually. The ergonomic handle shape allows an easy handling of the tool. Its distinctive handle makes the Cat Cable Stripper No 10 comfortable to use and prevents the hand from slipping, which makes daily work easier and safer.
Weicon Article No: 52000010 | EAN: 4024596031411

The rounded and space-saving tool head adjusts perfectly to modern socket shapes. Its oblong shape allows better accessibility in deeper cavity wall boxes and in other spaces difficult to access. The design of the blades prevents the electrogalvanized knives from clogging with coating remains. The integrated length stop can be adjusted to the required sheath opening of network outlets and other plugs (3 – 10 cm), which makes further processing easier. An interlock guarantees safe storage of the tool.

The WEICON cable dismantling tools allow all common round cables to be stripped quickly and safely. The product family of cable dismantling tools includes various types, which have proved to be easy to use and to produce accurate results.

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 Cat Cable Stripper No 10 – Key Features

  • Easy and space-saving stripping of data and network cables
  • Suitable for e.g. Cat5, Cat6, Cat7, twisted-pair cables (4.5-10mm Ø)
  • Integrated length stop, adjustable to the required sheath opening of network outlets and other plugs (3-10 cm)
  • Safe work with the ergonomic anti-slip handle shape
  • Weicon Tools Cat Cable Stripper No 10 (52000010) has a working range of 4.5 – 10 mm Ø


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Technical Data

Description Article Number Range Length Weight
Cat Cable Stripper No 10 52000010 4.5-10mm Ø  140 mm 48 g

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