Elpress PV1300 Crimping Tool (up to 400mm²)

Product overview

Elpress PV1300 Cable Crimping Tool is a battery powered tool with 13 Tons Force for Cu Terminals (Range up to 400mm²), Al Terminals and Connectors (Range up  to 240mm²) and C-sleeves (Range up to 120/120mm²).

This product has been discontinued and replaced by: Elpress PVX1300 Battery Operated Crimping Tool (6-400mm²).

PV1300DB, supplied with 2 batteries.

Elpress PV1300 Crimping Tool Features

  • Crimp force 123 kN (13 ton)
  • Number of crimps: 30-80 depending on size and temperature
  • Crimp time: 12-18 s depending on size
  • Environmental friendly battery, Ni-MH-type, 12V, 2.6 Ah
  • Supplied with robust double shell plastic case, battery, charger and instruction manual
  • LED indication of charge status
  • Weight 5.1 kg (incuding battery)

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