Furukawa Temporary Plug

Product overview

Furukawa Temporary Plug

Furukawa Temporary Plug can be used with the EFLEX Square Long Bell Mouth and the standard EFLEX Square unit to prevent dirt, sand or soil from entering the duct during installation.

Insert the temporary plug into the female connector of the Long Bell Mouth or the female connector of a standard EFLEX Square unit. If installing in a cut piece of EFLEX Square, the soft material can be compressed by hand.

Part Numbers: KCM-50, KCM-75, KCM-100, KCM-130, KCM-150

Eflex Square - A Furukawa Electric Product

System & Accessories

Furukawa EFLEX Square Duct - System & Accesories

For more information on the Temporary Plug, please advise PDF Files below., 277670

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Technical Data

Temporary Plug Part Numbers Outer Diameter Total Length
Size 50 KCM-50 73±8 mm 40±8 mm
Size 75 KCM-75 100.5±8 mm 40±8 mm
Size 100 KCM-100 127±8 mm 40±8 mm
Size 130 KCM-130 163±8 mm 40±8 mm
Size 150 KCM-150 182±8 mm 40±8 mm

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