Silver Fox Legend LNST Non-shrink Tubing Thermal Labels

Product overview

The Silver Fox Legend LNST Non-shrink Tubing Thermal Labels is made from a durable PVC. It offers a very low cost alternative to heatshrink and also a very fast lower cost alternative to individual ferrules. Authorised for use in Network Rail.

Once positioned, the label stays in place due to the special oval design, that grips the wire. This oval design also means that each size covers a spread of cable diameters, reducing stock needs and costs. Also, as it does not need a heat gun to shrink it down, in hazardous areas no hot gun permit is required. Because of its low cost and speed of printing, it is also a powerful alternative to individual ferrules. Typical application would include any wire marking application in control cabinets/junction boxes etc.

Print in conjunction with our DTP-1/300 Plug’N’Play thermal printer with the same ribbon as all our other thermal labels.


Legend Non-shrink Tubing Thermal Labels


  • Alternative to Heat-Shrink, no hot gun permit required.
  • Use instead of individual ferrules.
  • Print up to 25,000 labels in 4 hours.
  • Print 2 rolls at the same time.
  • Print both ends at the same time- Use professional level software.
  • Same software, same printer, same ribbon for all thermal label types.
  • Extensive independent testing.
  • UK made, ensure consistency.
  • No limit on length, or number of characters.
  • Special oval shape ensures grip on wire.
  • Special design ensures maximum grip on wire/cable.
  • Wide range of diameters from OD Ø 1mm to 6mm.


Testing includes Salt Mist Spray according to Lloyds Register Type Approval System and High/low Temperature. For full information on testing please refer to Product Datasheet.


Store between   50º F (10º C) and 77º F (25º C)
Conditions  Keep in dark conditions
Humidity Resistance 35% to 65% RH



Cable ODØ rec. (mm) Roll Length (m) Pack Qty Total Pack Length (m) Colour Options
LNST2-1(150)T* 1-2 150 2 Rolls 300 Silver Fox Legend LNST Non-shrink Tubing Thermal Labels
LNST3-1(100)T* 1-3 100 2 Rolls 200
LNST4-2(75)T* 2-4 75 2 Rolls 150
LNST5-3(50)T* 3-5 50 2 Rolls 100 Silver Fox Tubing
LNST6-4(30)T* 4-6 30 2 Rolls 60


*Specify colour, for example LNST3-1(100)TW.


Print 2 rolls at once with the Silver Fox Labacus ®Innovator Advanced or Professional software. Printing 2 rolls at a time on Advanced/ Professional levels yields approximately 23,000 x 25mm labels on our 300M ribbon.

Print both ends of the wire at the same time using the unique cross ferruling functionality in the Profession level of the software. Print in conjunction with our Fox-in-aBox®  Plug’N’Play thermal printer using the same ribbon as all our other thermal labels.

Download PDF Files for Additional Information on Silver Fox Legend LNST Non-shrink Tubing Thermal Labels, Equipment Label Application Guides and Thermal Printer Ribbons.

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Technical Data

Material: PVC
RoHS: RoHS Complaint
Printing: Silver Fox DTP-1 thermal printer
Thermal Ribbon: TSR3/300
Network Rail: Authorised for Use

*Technical Data subject to change without notice.

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