Tidi-Cable Tidi-Hooks (TC001)

Product overview

Tidi-Cable Tidi-Hooks (TC001) are the strongest and most economical solution. They are heavy-duty, highly visible cable management hooks designed to raise temporary cables off the floor.

Tidi-Cable Tidi-Hooks (TC001)

Tidi-Hooks – Key Features

  • Hold 9 x 110v arctic cables
  • Max Load 10kg
  • Space every 2 metres
  • Suitable for walls and ceilings
  • Perfect for long corridors
  • Fully reusable and recyclable
  • Manufactured in the UK


Simple, Easy-to-Use

Tidi-Cable Tidi-Hooks (TC001) are simple and easy-to-use cable hooks for walls and ceilings. They are a quick and highly visible solution to trailing cables in any workplace. Most customers run the Tidi-Hook at a high level along corridors and walkways, suspending cables from one to the next. This keeps them off the floor and completely removes the risk of people tripping over them.

Holds up to 10kg

The hooks on Tidi-Hooks® are designed to enable customers to use them on ceilings and walls. A Mace Group project in London used Tidi-Hooks® all over the site to keep 110v cables out of harm’s way.

Ideal for Long Corridors

Each Tidi-Hooks® can hold up to 10 kilograms of weight and with an internal diameter of 2.5 centimetres, you can easily fit 9 x 110-volt arctic cables. They can also fit larger power cables and hoses if required.

Use on Walls and Ceilings

All of our products are manufactured in the UK from the best possible components and using them will ensure that you’re taking the ‘reasonably practicable’ steps to keep your site staff safe.

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Technical Data

Product Code Length Width Max Load Max Load (10 mm arctic) Material Manufactured
TC001 148 mm 50 mm 10 kg 9 x 10 mm cables Polypropylene UK

Additional Information

Frequently Asked Questions

-What’s the max load?
The max load is 10kg when two screws are used.

-How many 110v leads will each one carry?
Each Tidi-Hook® has the capacity to hold 9 x 1.5mm 3 core 110v cables arctic cables.

-What size screw do I need?
The screw holes are 5mm in diameter.

-What’s the diameter of the hooks?
The internal diameter of the hooks is 23mm.

-Will armoured cable fit in them?
This product is unsuitable for the majority of armoured cable due to size issues.

-Are they available in different colours?
Yes, the MOQ is 1000 units for a custom colour.

-Can they be supplied with different fire ratings?
The standard Tidi-Hooks® have a fire rating of HB. However, to comply with your sites specific fire requirements, Tidi-Hooks® can be purchased with V2, V1 or V0 ratings. There will be a short lead time for these orders as they’re not a product we hold in stock.

-How far apart should I space them?
We recommend every 2 metres to reduce sagging, although they can be spaced as far as you wish.

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