Prysmian BICON Flexo Track Circuit Cable Assemblies

Product overview

Prysmian BICON Flexo Track Circuit Cable Assemblies deliver cost savings in signalling installation and maintenance projects, by providing factory tested quality assurance whilst slashing installation times.

  • Single core cables supplied with a factory moulded termination at one or both ends.
  • Terminations moulded in neoprene provide excellent vibration protection for the electrical connection.
  • Designed to hug the rail web tightly, track circuit lead fixings are at 76mm centres and are designed for use with the rail industry standard taper pin.
  • Track circuit leads have twin connections, providing fail safe, long term reliability.
  • Can supply all products in non standard, project specified lengths if necessary.
  • Quality Assurance: A 100% tested regime is rigorously employed. Every lead goes through electrically tests at the factory.

Prysmian BICON Flexo Track Circuit Cable Assemblies – Applications

  • Track Circuit (Conventional): Catered for with the 2.5mm2 C1 and 2.5mmE1 type leads.
  • Track Circuit (Joint-less): Such as ‘Aster’ and ‘Tl21’ are catered for with the 35mm2 C1 and 70mm2 leads.
  • Rail Bonding (Yellow): Catered for with the 35mm2 leads identified by yellow sleeving.
  • Rail Bonding (Stud Connections): Catered for with the 2.5mm2 C1 leads.

BICON Flexo Rail Products & Modular Power Systems Specialist Products

The FLEXO product portfolio is wide ranging and varied, each design having its origins in the need to meet a particular customer requirement. Many are now “standard” solutions to certain connection applications and include:

Prysmian Part Numbers  (PADS Cat Nos)

W91910201 (086/044037), W9191302 (086/044038), W91600302 (086/044022), W91600506 (086/044023), W91600705 (084/044024), W91600807 (086/044025), W91601019, W91601009, W91601233, W91601510 (086/044031), W91601614, W91601820 (086/044029), W91602012, W91602529, W91603008 (086/044026), W91603213, W91603534, W91604524, W91605015, W91605530, W91606031, W91607532, W91608016, W91600517, W91600721, W91600822, W91601018, W91603023, W91710301 (086/044042), W91710402 (086/044043), W91710603 (086/044044), W91710804 (086/044045), W91713005 (086/044046), W91720101 (086/044048), W91720102 (086/044049), W91720203 (086/044047), W91720304 (086/044039), W91610110 (086/044112), W91610101 (086/044103), 93370101 (086/046979), 93360202 (086/046920), W91610207 (086/044040), 93360201 (086/46922), 93370202 (086/046997), 93360303 (086/046921), W91610308 (086/044041), W91610303 (086/044102), W91620301 (086/044155), W91620402 (086/044154), W91620603 (086/044153), W91620804 (086/044152), W91623005 (086/044151), W91624006), W91610351 (086/44101), W91610552  (086/44100), 93300301 (086/10061), 93300502 (086/10062), 93301003 (086/10063), 93301204 (086/10064), 93320301 (086/46975), 93320402 (086/46976), 93340301 (086/46898), 93340502 (086/46899), 93341003 (086/46900), 93341204 (086/46901), 93321003 (086/46977), 93321204 (086/46978), W91611056 (086/010059), W91611257 (086/010060), W49980043 (086/44017) W49980060, W49980064.

For Additional Information on Part Numbers mentioned above Download PDF Files. Quality Assurance, Approvals, Reputation and Lead Details are also available.

*Technical Data subject to change without notice.

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