Prysmian BICON Flexo Track Circuit Cable Assemblies

Product overview

Prysmian BICON Flexo Track Circuit Cable Assemblies deliver cost savings in signalling installation and maintenance projects, by providing factory tested quality assurance whilst slashing installation times.

  • Single core cables supplied with a factory moulded termination at one or both ends.
  • Terminations moulded in neoprene provide excellent vibration protection for the electrical connection.
  • Designed to hug the rail web tightly, track circuit lead fixings are at 76mm centers and are designed for use with the rail industry standard taper pin.
  • Track circuit leads have twin connections, providing fail safe, long term reliability.
  • All products can be supplied in non standard, project specified lengths if required.
  • Quality Assurance: A 100% tested regime is rigorously employed. Every lead is electrically tested at the factory.

Prysmian BICON Flexo Track Circuit Cable Assemblies – Applications

  • Track Circuit (Conventional): Catered for with the 2.5mm2 C1 and 2.5mmE1 type leads.
  • Track Circuit (Joint-less): Such as ‘Aster’ and ‘Tl21’ are catered for with the 35mm2 C1 and 70mm2 leads.
  • Rail Bonding (Yellow): Catered for with the 35mm2 leads identified by yellow sleeving.
  • Rail Bonding (Stud Connections): Catered for with the 2.5mm2 C1 leads.

Prysmian BICON Flexo Rail Products & Modular Power Systems Specialist Products

The FLEXO product portfolio is wide ranging and varied, each design having its origins in the need to meet a particular customer requirement. Many are now “standard” solutions to certain connection applications and include:


Prysmian Part No PADS Cat. No               Prysmian Part No PADS Cat. No
W91910201 086/044037  W91610110 086/044112
W9191302 086/044038  W91610101 086/044103
W91600302 086/044022  93370101 086/046979
W91600506 086/044023 93360202 086/046920
W91600705 084/044024 W91610207 086/044040
W91600807 086/044025  93360201 086/46922
W91601019  93370202 086/046997
W91601009 93360303 086/046921
W91601233  – W91610308 086/044041
W91601510 086/044031 W91610303 086/044102
W91601614  W91620301 086/044155
W91601820 086/044029 W91620402 086/044154
W91602012 W91620603 086/044153
W91602529 W91620804 086/044152
W91603008 086/044026  W91623005 086/044151
W91603213 W91624006
W91603534  W91610351 086/44101
W91604524  W91610552  086/44100
W91605015 93300301 086/10061
W91605530  93300502  086/10062
W91606031  93301003  086/10063
W91607532  93301204  086/10064
W91608016  93320301 086/46975
W91600517  93320402 086/46976
W91600721  93340301 086/46898
W91600822  93340502 086/46899
W91601018  93341003 086/46900
W91603023  93341204 086/46901
 W91710301  086/044042 93321003 086/46977
 W91710402 086/044043 93321204 086/46978
 W91710603  086/044044 W91611056 086/010059
 W91710804 086/044045 W91611257  086/010060
 W91713005 086/044046  W49980043 086/44017
 W91720101  086/044048 W49980060
W91720102  086/044049 W49980064
W91720203 086/044047
W91720304 086/044039

For Additional Information on Part Numbers mentioned above Download PDF Files. Quality Assurance, Approvals, Reputation and Lead Details are also available.


*Technical Data subject to change without notice.

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