Prysmian BICON Flexo Rail Products & Modular Power Systems Introduction - Points Heating System

Product overview

Prysmian BICON Flexo Points Heating commissioning and maintenance becomes very fast, accurate and reliable with the application specific Flexo systems:

  • Flexo points heating moulded blocks, for use with the modern strip type heaters.
  • Flexo points heating harnesses, for use with the older style pad and cartridge heaters.
  • Waterproof anti-vibration plug allows the heater element’s connection or isolation in seconds.
  • Designed to reduce installation times to an absolute minimum. For example the 4-heater system can be commissioned with just 4 minutes being spent between the rails (the block can be wired alongside the track
    then fed under the rail).
  • Neoprene construction inhibits vibration degradation.
  • A 100% testing regime is rigorously employed. Every moulded block, harness and anti-vibration plug lead is tested for electrical continuity and voltage withstand in the factory. In addition, each moulded block and harness is subjected to a 24hr water immersion test thus guaranteeing the waterproof properties.

Prysmian BICON Flexo Points Heating – Applications

A plug in moulded socket block system and socket harness system for strip-type points heaters and pad and cartridge heaters.

  • Strip type point heaters:
    – Catered for with the moulded block system
    – 2 way, 4 way and 8 way blocks available
    – Galvanised steel keep plates provide protection from accidental damage or vandalism
    – 4 core 1.5mm2, 8 core 1.5mmand 8 core 4mmEPR/PCP cables available
  • Pad and cartridge heaters:
    – Catered for with the harness system
    – 2 core and 8 core harnesses available

Prysmian BICON Flexo Rail Products & Modular Power Systems Specialist Products

The FLEXO product portfolio is wide ranging and varied, each design having its origins in the need to meet a particular customer requirement. Many are now “standard” solutions to certain connection applications and include:

Prysmian Part Numbers  (PADS Cat Nos)

W91471113 (055/027045), W91471114 (055/027046), W91471215 (055/027047), W91500506 (055/027068), W91500607 (055/027063), W91500708 (055/027064), W91500809 (055/027066), W91500810 (055/027067), W91501012 (055/027070), W90290001 (055/027681), W91290001 (055/027687), W91260101 (055/027517), W91320101 (055/027582), W91320207, W91460001 (055/025926), W91450001 (055/025927), W91480001 (055/025991), W49990002 (055/022001), 385AA06 (055/005320), 385AA02065/051510), W90920404 (055/026969), W90920405 (055/026968), W90920506 (055/026967), W90920607 (055/026966), W90920708 (055/026965), W90920709 (055/026964), W90920810 (055/026963), W90920911 (055/026971), W90921012 (055/026972), W91250404 (055/026976), W91250405 (055/026977), W91250506 (055/026978), W91250607 (055/026974), W91250708 (055/026979), W91250709 (055/026975), W91250810 (055/026980), W91250911 (055/027034), W91250912 (055/026998), W91470404 (055/027036), W91470405 (055/027037), W91470506 (055/027038), W91470607 (055/027039), W91470708 (055/027040), W91470809 (055/027041), W91470810 (055/027042), W91470911 (055/027043), W91471012 (055/027044), W91530001 (055/088726), W91540001 (055/027679), W91550002 (055/027677), W91540002 (055/027676), W91550001 (055/027678), W40200101 (055/027591), W49990022 (055/039619), W91440001 (055/051313), F10581952 (0006/150002), F10581953 (0006/153102), F10581954 (0006/153103), 4WB-1.5-03, 4WB-1.5-07, 4WB-1.5-08, 4WB-1.5-10, 4WB-1.5-12, 4WB-1.5-17, 4WB-1.5-22, 4WB-1.5-27, 4WB-1.5-32, 4WB-1.5-55, 4WB-4.0-07, 4WB-4.0-12, 4WB-4.0-17, 4WB-4.0-22, 4WB-4.0-27, 4WB-4.0-32, 4WB-4.0-37, 4WB-4.0-42, 4WB-4.0-47, 8WB-1.5-07, 8WB-1.5-10, 8WB-1.5-12, 8WB-1.5-17, 8WB-1.5-22, 8WB-1.5-27, 8WB-1.5-32, 8WB-4.0-07, 8WB-4.0-12, 8WB-4.0-17, 8WB-4.0-22, 8WB-4.0-27, 8WB-4.0-32, 8WB-4.0-37, 8WB-4.0-45, 8WB-4.0-55.

For Additional Information on Part Numbers mentioned above Download PDF Files. Quality Assurance, Approvals, Reputation and Selection Tables.

*Technical Data subject to change without notice.

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