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Prysmian BICON Flexo Vehicle Couplers & Battery Charging Leads

Product overview

Prysmian BICON Flexo Vehicle Couplers & Battery Charging Leads Design:

  • Vehicle couplers and battery charging leads are manufactured from highly flexible neoprene rubber that is fully vulcanized to the cables. They are extremely robust and able to withstand the very roughest treatment.
  • The wagon coupler was designed for use in the lighting circuits on ballast wagons. The design is totally waterproof and resistant to the abrasive dust associated with ballasting.
  • Battery charging leads are designed for use with all types of locomotives, diesel multiple units, and locomotive hauled coaching stock.
  • Both types of lead are highly resistant to any damage that might be caused by vehicle uncoupling with the cables still connected.

Prysmian BICON Flexo Vehicle Couplers & Battery Charging Leads Applications:

  • Vehicle Couplers:
    – RCH Couplers (push-pull train control)
    – Wagon Couplers
  • Battery Charging Leads:
    – Catered for with 2 pole and 3 pole systems

Prysmian BICON Flexo Rail Products & Modular Power Systems specialist Products

The FLEXO product portfolio is wide ranging and varied, each design having its origins in the need to meet a particular customer requirement. Many are now “standard” solutions to certain connection applications and include:

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