Prysmian BICON Flexo Detection System Cable Assemblies

Product overview

Prysmian BICON Flexo Detection System Cable Assemblies offer a fast fit, pre-terminated connection, for trackside detection systems (such as clamplock point detectors).

  • Factory moulded palms at one or both ends of the cable.
  • Key benefits are speed, reliability and high quality.
  • Nickel plated, brass eyelets are terminated to each core and encapsulated in neoprene, ensuring good electrical connection and resistance to corrosion.
  • The neoprene moulding is fully vulcanised to the cable sheath providing a waterproof seal with excellent strain relief.
  • Excellent inherent flexibility enables mouldings to pass through restrictions such as glands.
  • Excellent resistance to vibration degradation.
  • Low smoke, zero halogen cable option available.

Prysmian BICON Flexo Detection System Cable Assemblies – Applications

Designed for use on detection circuits for various types of points switching mechanisms and other systems.

  • Clamplock detector: Catered for with the 4 core, 2.5mm2 C2 type leads.
  • 12 Core Signalling Systems: Catered for with the 12 core, 2.5mmC2 type leads.
  • Level Crossing Treadle Leads: Catered for with the 7 core, 2.5mm2 C2 type leads and 6 core CT451 cable (when supplied with SILEC connector).

Prysmian BICON Flexo Rail Products & Modular Power Systems Specialist Products

The FLEXO product portfolio is wide ranging and varied, each design having its origins in the need to meet a particular customer requirement. Many are now “standard” solutions to certain connection applications and include:


Prysmian Part No PADS Cat. No               Prysmian Part No PADS Cat. No
W22990301 088/002444 W22951503 088/002441
W22990402 088/002445 W22952004 088/002440
W22990403 088/002446 W22970301 088/044108
W22990806 088/002454 W22970502 088/044109
W22991007 088/002456 W22970703 088/044110
W22991211 W22970804 088/044111
W22991508 088/002455 W22980302 086/044104
W22992512 W22980503 086/044105
W22950501 088/002443 W22980704 086/044106
W22951002 088/002442 W22980805 086/044107

For Additional Information on Part Numbers mentioned above Download PDF Files. Quality Assurance, Approvals, Reputation, Selection Tables.


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